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class=" fc-falcon">7. nightingale.

During the Crimean War, she and a team of nurses improved the unsanitary conditions at a British base hospital, reducing the death count by two-thirds.

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And yup, you guessed it – that’s how.


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Florence Nightingale 1802.

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She was the lady carrying a lamp as she made her way through the dark and damp halls of a make-shift hospital where hundreds of.

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Florence Nightingale was born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy.

Early years and study.

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She is the director of the 16-volume Collected Works of Florence Nightingale (2001–2012) and the author of four short books on Nightingale.


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The presence of the nurse is important to the patient and how some nurses describe caring.

The English nurse Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and made outstanding contributions to the knowledge and improvement of public health.

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Florence Nightingale was a Victorian-era English woman who greatly improved the care of sick and dying soldiers during the Crimean war.

That is until Florence Nightingale came into the picture.

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Lady with the Lamp.

Nursing is autonomous within the defined scope of practice.

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The next year she went with 38 trained nurses to the war in the Crimea.


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The family returned to England in 1821 and settled in Embley, where Nightingale received her early education (Stanley & Sherratt, 2010).

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She was known for her night rounds to aid the wounded.

She came from a wealthy background was born in Italy and named after the city of her birth.

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Florence was called ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ because she walked around the wards at night with a lantern.