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66 million subscribers and has clocked over 320 million views, averaging a million views per video.

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James Phyrillas, also known as Schaffrillas, survived a motor vehicle crash Sunday in Upper Macungie Township.

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While he is well-known for his YTP videos, he sometimes make videos regarding other things like talking about video games, tv.

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James Phyrillas, the man behind the YouTube channel Schaffrillas Productions, is reported to be in critical care after experiencing a fatal car crash on Sunday, January 29, 2023.

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In "Revenge of the Senate: Episode 3", "Rubberband Man" (then-recently used for the entrance scene for the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War) is used during Revenge of the Sith 's opening shot of a sun.

The channel was initially created because they wanted to post skits during high school, but it soon transitioned into a page where James would post YouTube Poops, inspired by popular animated movies.

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But seriously tho, this channel is home to analysis videos, YouTube Poops, live-action re-enactments of SpongeBob episodes, AMVs of.

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I think the most annoying thing about Awkwafina is that she's not devoid of talent, like she was great in The Farewell and then never chose to be good in anything ever again Like, the next best she gets is "serviceable but forgettable" in stuff like Shang-Chi and The Bad Guys.


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While he is well-known for his YTP videos, he sometimes make videos regarding other things like talking about video games, tv.


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Feb 1, 2023 路 I had no idea the two of them were so loved by so many people.


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